What is the Median Days on Market for Real Estate in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Las Vegas is a vibrant city that has been a popular destination for real estate investors for some time. With a thriving economy and plenty of job opportunities in the entertainment, hospitality and service industries, it's no wonder that people are still interested in moving to Las Vegas. In this blog post, we will explore the trends in the Las Vegas real estate market according to the report published by Las Vegas Realtors. The MLS subscription is available exclusively to licensed real estate agents in Nevada and is not accessible to the general public.

Las Vegas remains a seller's market, with 0.6 months of inventory in the market as of the end of March, representing an 11.5% decrease compared to February. NORADA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS has extensive experience in turnkey real estate investments and cash-flow properties. Putting aside the short-term effects of the pandemic, let's take a look at the positive developments in the Las Vegas real estate market that can benefit investors who want to purchase investment property in this city. Prices are still on the rise and inventory continues to decline, meaning buyers have more options to choose from and more room to negotiate than they did in previous months and last year.

The attractive cash flow from investment properties in Las Vegas means that investing here is highly profitable. If you need to sell your home in the Las Vegas area, call or text (70 357-3354) to receive a free home value analysis. In December, 75.1% of all single-family units sold within 30 days or less, and 79.7% of all condos and townhomes sold within 30 days or less. This indicates that the median days on market for real estate in Las Vegas is relatively low.